Cancel These Funerals
•Exposing the unforgivably sloppy work that put tens
of thousands of living persons onto the Social Security Death Master File

•Revealing only unrestricted, public information the government sent me.

Attention U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida)

I will cast diplomacy to the wind and tell it like it is.

You are a notorious advocate of restricting access to the Death Master File.

Credit bureaux and banksters would still get the DMF, and it would still be loaded with living persons, who would face extreme hardships when their accounts get frozen.

Senator, every copy of the DMF sent out by NTIS contains a warning:

Senator, this is serious business. If a citizen can go to jail for not paying a restaurant bill or a child support payment, why don’t the banksters go to jail for freezing the same citizen’s bank accounts, which made the payment impossible? Why doesn’t Congress revoke their federal charters?

Senator, here is a list of 384 Florida voters in the DMF’d Club: Name, birth date, Social Security number, home address, voter ID number, telephone number and political party. I simply extracted the Social Security numbers from the 30 November 2011 DMF, which were not on the 31 May 2013 DMF, then added all the entries marked D for Delete, in the 7 monthly updates for 2013, and ran this list of undeads against the Florida voter list, a database available to anyone who sends five dollars to Tallahassee. This is by no means complete, because a lot of DMF’d Club members are not on my list of undeads, and a lot of DMF’d Club members who live in Florida are not registered to vote, or are registered under a name not matching closely enough. Maybe a lot of them got stricken from the voter list because they were DMF’d.

Senator, what will you do to make sure all of these persons can get new Social Security numbers...nothing, right?

Senator, what will you do to stop the DMF’ing of living persons...nothing, right?

Senator, what will you do to stop banksters from freezing accounts of living persons...nothing, right?
•Let’s see now, the banksters will send a credit card with your name on it, to anybody who calls them up on the telephone and claims to be you; so to prevent identity fraud, it is necessary to lock up the Death Master File. I have a better idea: The banksters can require an ID. When they lose too much on bad loans, they ask Congress for bail-outs.

Senator, what will you do to stop the unforgivably sloppy IRS work of sending out free money to crooks? IRS does not even check the declared federal withholding against the W-2 forms the employers filed, and does not check the Social Security numbers against the Death Master File. (Most of those returns with Social Security numbers on the DMF are fraudulent, but if a living DMF’d Club member files a tax return, there’s no point in sending money to the taxation victim’s bank account if it will be frozen by banksters. IRS can formulate a reasonable policy for such situations.)

Senator, you want to use your government’s own unforgivably sloppy work as an excuse to restrict public access to government information. Consider your excuse rejected. It’s like refusing to take the necessary steps to eliminate drunk driving, and then using the carnage on the roads as an excuse for the drinking age, but that is a matter for my other website.

•The DMF’ing of living persons must be stopped.
•DMF’d persons must be offered new Social Security numbers.
•The use of Social Security numbers as security passwords must be stopped. You cannot stop people from giving out your Social Security number. The number helps distinguish one John Smith from another, but a telephone caller’s ability to recite your Social Security number does not prove that the caller is really you.
•Nobody should have to fear that her ex-boyfriend will post her Social Security number on the internet, more than she fears he will post her naked picture on the internet. The number should not unlock anything.
•It is only a matter of time before an Elections Board or DMV clerk sends an entire State-wide file to Wikileaks.

Senator, in all fairness, the notice that comes with DMF urges banksters to double-check the death, but how can they do that? A better system for tracking deaths is clearly needed. Death records are State records, not federal, but Congress “may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.” according to Article IV, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

The system of tracking deaths needs to be secure enough that felony warrants can be canceled in reliance of it. Pensions and annuities will be ended, identification documents invalidated, and life insurance payments made, because of the system. Florida law allows anybody to apply for somebody’s death certificate, minus the cause of death, which is restricted to family members; but five dollars each would add up fast. Again, the voter file is free.

Let businesses subscribe to an e-mail list to alert them to new death certificates. Then they could click the link and up pops a .PDF from a secure server, saying that the person is still dead, or was mistakenly pronounced dead (which happened to Mitt Romney after a crash in France in June 1968,) click here or was misidentified (which happened after Adam P. Lanza shot up Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012.) Mistakes could be fixed on the secure server and users would see the new document.

Of course, you’re a Democrat, so I don’t expect you to know or care what the U.S. Constitution says. Neither do most Republicans, but that is a matter for my other website.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Alciere

Q: Don’t you think you should mask the Social Security numbers?
A: No. The bad guys already have this information. Publishing the numbers ensures that reporters will take notice, raising public awareness and, I hope, eliminating the DMF’ing of living persons.

Perhaps the best resource is this site itself. Undeads can tell the banksters to visit and see for themselves.
“If I’m deceased, does that mean your bank does not want me to pay the credit card balance?”

“It is your position that I am deceased. So why are you talking to me? Do you want me to tell your supervisor you talk to dead people?”

Order Death Master File data (or download for free, see below)

News Links about DMF’d persons.

Even this canceled funeral didn’t wind up in DMF: click here

Find DMF’d Club members in your area. Their names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, telephone numbers, voter ID numbers and party affiliations are given, all from unrestricted public information.

59 Connecticut Undeads

384 Florida Undeads

159 Oklahoma Undeads

24 Rhode Island Undeads

Some States restrict the use of voter lists, but don’t get too comfortable. Like gun control laws, these restrictions only apply to persons who obey the law.

The following files give Social Security number, name, supposed death date, and birth date, as provided by NTIS:

41,184 Undeads
Listed in the 30 Nov. 2011 edition but not in the 31 May 2013 edition.

January 2013 Undeads
Marked D for Delete in the January 2013 Update

February 2013 Undeads

March 2013 Undeads

April 2013 Undeads

May 2013 Undeads

June 2013 Undeads

July 2013 Undeads

Monthly Updates intact:

January 2013

February 2013
The entry for Adam P. Lanza is marked C for Corrected as are many other entries.

March 2013

April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013

January 2014

February 2014

March 2014
Federal law was changed, effective in March 2014 and information will not be released until 3 years after a person dies.

30 Nov. 2011 DMF: (Very Large Files!)

Part 1Part 2Part 3

31 May 2013 DMF (Compressed .zip files)

Part 1Part 2Part 3
Warning: We have found that three entries in the .ZIP files have stray quotation marks. Your computer might interpret these as field delimiters if you are not careful. They are: 242-18-3901, 262-70-8356 and 415-12-5908.
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